Parliament Stream

It has always been part of the Church’s mission to encourage
Catholics to follow a vocation to serve in public life. The
quality of decisions made in civil society depends on the moral
and spiritual formation of those who occupy leadership roles.

The role is varied, and involves a range of work, including
researching and writing parliamentary questions and
briefings, composing parliamentary and constituency
correspondence, and writing speeches and articles.

Although all of our interns are Catholic, we work with
politicians from any Christian denomination. The scheme is
cross-party and we place interns with different politicians
each year.


“The past 8 months have been fascinating, and provided me with an amazing insight
into the world of politics. It has been a highly valuable experience to witness first-hand the processes
and work behind a Bill in parliament. The internship reinforced to us all the need for Catholic voices
in politics, so that we may spread the Gospel in the work we do.”

Laura Seggie

2016-17 Parliamentary Intern


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In A Year

Each year, the interns on the programme produce ‘In A Year’, a magazine in which they write about their experiences over the internship year.